Happy Beltane, Everyone!

Okay, I’m technically a few hours late (my time), but as it was the first of May, I thought a little Jonathan Coulton was in order.  Initially, I was just going to post his recording here, but then I thought, wait, why not perform it myself?  So then I had to learn it and make a video, which took me about four kabilliondy takes.  The lyrics were barely memorized, and I eventually caved and tacked them, printed, to the wall.  And then I was still messing up the chords.  I wish I had gotten the idea just a day earlier.  Anyway, I did manage to get the recording itself done before midnight, so ha!  Anyway, please enjoy this video:

Jonathan Coulton has a website with a tremendous amount of music.  Click here for that.  Oh, and yeah, give me a couple more days on this new song of mine, will ya?  Thanks.

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