Another Video With Silly Annotations!

Here’s me playing “American.”  I filmed this earlier tonight.  I would have done so sooner, but the other day I came home to discover a computer which refused to boot, and I spend a fair number of hours vomiting from dread.  It turns out, however, that I do not need to spend copious amounts of money on a new motherboard or anything like that.  As I had suspected, my system was overheating and shutting itself off, and the reason seemed to be that my heat sink somehow became dislodged from the CPU (I also cleaned from off the surface of the heat sink what could quite reasonably be described as a solid wall of dust, which I’m sure wasn’t helping matters all that much).  Take care of your personal computers, kids, or they’ll be gone before you know it!

Anyway, things are back up and running now (although, strangely, a large portion of my Adobe Premiere program files had vanished from my hard drive, and I had to reinstall it).  As my next big project, I was going to make a SERIOUS video for Existential Pathology, but I’ve got a new song that’s coming along rather nicely, so with fingers crossed, I should have it finished in a few days.  For now, enjoy staring at the hair sticking up in the back of my head!

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