A Long-Overdue New Song


Okay, so I’m not dead.  I’m also not on hiatus.  I’ve been hard at work (except for those couple of days when I was slightly lazy and those other few days when I was taking care of a sick girlfriend).  Anyway, when I wrote “give me a couple of days,” I obviously meant a couple of weeks (and a half).  Whatever.  I have no excuse.  Here’s a new song, though!

Actually, it’s not really new.  It’s one of the first actual whole “songs” I ever wrote…you know, with lyrics (ASTERISK) and everything, although I didn’t write any of the crazy bells and whistles until now.  That seems to be how I generally do it.  I think all of these songs so far started out as one guitar part and a vocal line (and maybe a few harmonies).  Then begins the arduous (yet fun!), trial-and-error process of filling in the horrifyingly vacant silence filling my headphones.  Can anyone tell by the nonsense I’m writing that I’m very sleep deprived?

(OTHER ASTERISK) Speaking of lyrics, there’s nothing particularly mind-blowing here, okay?  I just really like thunderstorms.  Leave me alone.  In fact, I was going to leave this one for later, but I had a couple of requests for it (Clarisseclarisseclarissemarkmarkmark), so I revisited it and thought, “Damn, this song is catchy!”  Right.  Well, see ya!

2 responses

  1. Mark


    05/19/2012 at 3:07 am

  2. Clarisse

    Yay!! Happy Dance…!!

    05/19/2012 at 4:20 am

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