I’m so sorry.

I mean it.  I got a tremendously time-consuming job about two years ago (quite suddenly, in fact) and decided to put my entire life on the backburner for a few weeks.  The weeks turned into years, and the years turned into eons, and before I knew it, I had shrunk away indefinitely into a placid, meaningless hermitude.

So what?  Shakespeare made them up all the time, and everyone just loves him.  Shut it.

Anyway, I swear I’m back now, and this time for good, though I suppose I should mention that I do still have the aforementioned job and thus will not have the time to post random filler garbage twice a week.  I will post when I actually have something to post, but rest assured, such circumstances will only increase in frequency in the near future.  I have a good few bits of news up my sleeve already (and that includes new songs!), so stay tuned, chums.

Oh, I’ve made a few changes to the music page.  Most notably, I’ve begun to greedily demand compensation for my efforts.  No, but really, the more money I can make with my music, the more time I can make for my music, which means more of it for you more often.  There.  That’s my sales pitch.  I’m done now.

I’ve also tweaked the mixes slightly in ways that are not even worth mentioning.

The good news is that the downloads are of better quality now and come in a variety of formats for all of your silly needs.  Soon enough, I’ll even have tasty physical CDs.

Holy Potatoes!  It’s time for sleep! Good night!

One response

  1. Mark

    You’re back! Yeah!

    07/08/2014 at 3:11 am

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