All right, so it’s one thing for a kid to have an amazing level of mechanical skill, but Billie Tweddle is the absolute definition of genius in my mind.  She is yet another singer-songwriter, singing about heartbreak and what have you, and she does it really, really well.  I mean, this is real poetry, folks – some of the best use of language I’ve ever heard, I think.  Seriously.  There is some kind of twisted level of depth achieved by this here girl, and on top of it, her voice is friggin’ polished, as is her ability to express herself through her performance in general.  And she’s twelve.  She’s TWELVE, for God’s sake!  Aaaaarggghhh!!!!!!  Shoot me right now in the face!  Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!!  Seriously, you should watch this.


You see what I mean?  You see?  I give up.  I quit.  Okay, not really.  I think instead I’ll just drink heavily for several days to get my bearings and be on my way.  You take care of yourself, too.  Bye now!

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