Me Playing a New Song

Hey, hey!  So, remember that YouTube channel of mine?  Well, before today (as you know), I had only uploaded videos of myself performing songs I’d officially “released.”  I had this absurd desire to only reveal songs for the first time if they were fully mixed, finished products, like I had some sort of duty to the world not to half-ass things, to offer up nothing if not solid, finished work.

Well, I’ve changed my friggin’ mind.  I mean, there are all these really great songwriters singing countless songs into crappy webcams on “The YouTube,” and no one seems to mind this because people just plumb appreciate being exposed to good songs, whatever form they come in.  And dag gummit, I’ve got all of these songs I’ve been itching to share, and I don’t want to have to share one every month or two until I’m eighty.

Now, granted, I’m not much of a singer (unlike many of the more successful YouTube acts), so a simple bare-bones performance from me leaves much to be desired, I admit.  But, bizarre facial contortions aside, it is my hope that a series of solo YouTube performances will give you at least some idea of what my tunes are supposed to sound like, and maybe hold you over while I take the time to cook up some pretty mixes for you to eventually download (or some videos that are substantially more interesting to look at).  Besides, it’ll mean less “filler” blogs, right?

So without further ado, here’s the first of a bunch of “half-assed” world premieres:

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