A Rising Star

Evening, friends.  Behold!  Here is an rather brilliant artist named Emma Louise.  You ought to be hypnotized somewhere within the first fifty seconds.  Just watch:


Right, so I predict that by this time next year, this girl will be bigger than Adele.  I’m serious.  Here’s why I think so:

1)  She’s spent the last year selling out shows in Australia and signing international record deals.
2)  She has a gorgeous voice.
3)  She writes her own songs, and they are the types of songs which will appeal to a broad audience.
4)  She’s pretty, and that can’t hurt.
5)  Not only does she write her own songs, but she writes them at an astounding rate and somehow manages to do so without sacrificing a single bit of quality.  Her Youtube channel features some forty songs, all of which she seems to have written within the span of one year.  The music is all equally beautiful, and the lyrics are consistently strong and at times, deeply moving.
6)  Her debut album is supposed to come out early next year.

Okay, I don’t know about being bigger than Adele, but she’s definitely gonna be a big star.  Check out her channel now so that a year from now you can gloat that you knew about her way before any of those other posers did!  This is also particularly exciting to me because it’s rare that I come across a pop star whose music I really like, and I very well may be willing to buy her CD when it comes out.  On the other hand, major record labels being what they are, all of her songs will probably be arranged into dance beats which feature Jay-Z contributing a hip-hop breakdown after the second chorus.  Sigh.

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