Recording in Session

So, I’m in Michigan right now, house-sitting.  I spent the day yesterday setting up my equipment and testing video, and now begins a week of recording (except that I have to fix the intonation on my guitar first, which is a tedious pain in the poopy-thing).  I should have more songs up within a couple of weeks, and eventually, videos!  Scroodledy-Doo!!!!  You know, something like this, only probably not as cool:

This is already one of the coolest American songs in existence, and this is probably the coolest rendition I’ve ever heard.  If you haven’t heard of Lauren O’Connell, then you’re a terrible person and you should be ashamed of yourself.  No, not really.  I hadn’t heard of her until very recently.  But she’s brilliant, in more ways than one.  Anyway, what people achieve in their bedrooms never ceases to amaze me.  That’s not a sex joke.  You have a disgusting mind.

One response

  1. That’s a really neat arrangement of the song, and I really like the instruments she chose to use when building up the song.

    03/05/2012 at 2:10 am

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