New Songs Coming Real Soon!

So, I’ve got nothing new at the moment, but there is an exciting happenstance befalling me (I’m a strange person):  I’m house/cat-sitting for over a week starting this Saturday and will have a nice, quiet house all to myself (well, almost…my brother is coming with me…and there will be a cat…obviously).  Anyway, as my current living situation doesn’t make for ideal recording conditions, this will be an excellent opportunity for recording AS MUCH MUSIC AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!  For purposes of time efficiency, I’ll be recording raw tracks only, leaving the mixing for when I get back, but I’ll post each new song as soon as it’s finished.

For now, here is an entertaining piece of streaming video media:

I swear, if these guys were in charge of public school math curricula, our country’s education problems would be fixed.

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