The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

All right, remember that really great bluegrass band I posted about a few weeks ago, The Henhouse Prowlers?  Well, these guys are even better.  And they’re, like, 10 years old.  Jesus Humphrey Christ.  I watched this video two or three times, racking my brain to try to figure out whether or not these kid’s heads were somehow photoshopped onto some adult’s torso, only to see another performance of theirs on Letterman.  You may have seen this because it was a big YouTube hit a year ago, but in case you haven’t, I thought I’d share.  Watching it was a pretty surreal experience for me, like some sort of eerie, twisted dream.  Why do people like this exist?  Are they trying to make me look pathetic?  I mean, when I play the guitar, there is a persistent, lingering fear that every single one of my plucks will miss the strings entirely, my awkward, contorted fingers trembling and aching from the crippling effort of producing simple chords.  Where do these…these…infants get the gall to embarrass me like this?  I think they need to be thrown in prison.  Enjoy.

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