Musical Microbes

What up.  I know I vanished for a few days, but I’ve been rather busy helping my friend Jerry get married and helping some fictional zombies eat me alive (I had a small role in a short zombie film which shot this weekend).  There.  That should explain it.

Okay, well, I hope to be a good deal more productive the next couple of weeks while I have the whole house to myself to record.  Hip.  Hip.  Hooray.

For now, why don’t you write some music, too?  Take a look at this ridiculous and fun site called Seaquence which allows you to create little biddy musical organisms that play whatever goofy chiptune sounds you want them to and swim around adorably while you giggle.  Below you can check out the one I made, but you can create your own, too!  It’s jolly, proper fun, if I don’t say so myself.  Enjoy!

Woohoo!!! (My Microbial Diddy)

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