The Smurfs Sing Death Metal. In German.

All right, I’ve got nothing of mine this time, but here’s something bizarre and (for me, at least) inexplicably funny:


This video was created by a guy named Andy Rehfeldt (I can’t imagine how bummed he must have been when he found out this song didn’t make the cut for The Smurfs soundtrack).  Andy is a guy who does all sorts of really entertaining cross-genre overdubs of (usually) famous songs.  He does metal and death metal versions of pop songs, but even if you find death metal to be unbearable to listen to, you should still check out his channel because he also does smooth jazz, reggae, and Radio-Disney versions of famous heavy rock and metal songs (like this one), all to hilarious effect.  Oh, and he takes requests on his website, which could prove to be quite fun.  Anyway, come back in a few days for another video featuring a new song!  Right.  Okay.  Bye.

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